• Herb Your Enthusiasm

    Between cocamidopropyl betaine and propylene glycol, it is easy to wonder about what you are putting on your head everyday. That is why many buy dihydrocodeine consumers are turning to all-natural, herbal alternatives for their hair maintenance.

    “Herbs are an excellent alternative to synthetic, chemical-laden products that can be potentially irritating for many people,” says Renee Carpenter-Houde, a Nature’s Sunshine Products distributor and herbal expert.

    Some products claim to be “all-natural”, but because that can mean so many different things in accordance with corporate standards and practices, here is a list of easy, do-it-yourself tips for women who want to take the laboratory out of their showers.

    Hot Oil Treatment for Dry Hair To make your hair shiny and more manageable, mix one cup of extra-virgin olive oil with 1/2 cup of dried rosemary leaves and warm in a small pan. Once the mixture has air-cooled to a comfortable temperature, separate your hair with a comb and apply to your scalp with a cotton ball, taking care that the whole scalp is covered. Put on a shower cap and towel turban, let the oil set for 30 minutes, and then wash out with mild shampoo. Repeat the treatment monthly.

    Horsetail Rinse for Oily Hair Brew a tea with 1/3 cup of horsetail (the herb, not Seabiscuit’s hindquarters) and one quart of water. After allowing the combination to steep for two to three hours, strain and pour into your hair. Leave the horsetail/tea mix in for about 30 minutes and rinse.

    Apple Cider or Distilled White Vinegar Rinse To remove shampoo residue and maintain the pH balance of your hair, rinse with a mixture of one part apple cider or distilled white vinegar to eight parts water. Apple cider works best with dark hair, and vinegar ...

  • Lamborghini Huracan Polizia

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  • Crystal Therapy

    For crystals, see the preceding section. Flowers can teach individuals about cosmos clinic reviews their existence and level of consciousness as they work on the karmic issues of the person.

    Healing properties
    Flower and crystal essences are excellent remedies for various ailments; be they emotional, mental, physical or spiritual. The flowers are put in a bowl of water which is exposed to sunlight, to charge them with pranic energy. Water has the ability to store the vibration imprint and the colour frequency of the flower, so that when used, the quality within the essence becomes available to the person. A small amount of brandy is added as a preservative.

    Go to our products page or directly to vaikuntha-essencesand let yourself be guided by your intuition to discover which ones catch your eye. Another way is to search under the condition or discomfort you have, and search for the appropriate flower essence and crystal. Ultimately, Vaikuntha practitioners are available for consultation via the email facility in the essences section.

    The essences have been prepared with the utmost care, love and respect. Only pure crystals are used and the flowers are picked at their highest blooming peak, to ensure optimum quality. Prayers and mantras were poured into the essences as they were bottled. 

    For more details and information about Crystal Theraphy feel free to visit us today.