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  • Lamborghini Huracan Polizia

    2015 Lamborghini LP610-4 Polizia Huracan is equipped with a 5.2 L V10 engine with 610 hp and a car with a powerful strength and advanced. We changed abusive relationships and test Provincial Forces Europe. The new Lamborghini stands of Huracán Italian super sports car excellence and we crowed to give to the Romantic State Guard to spread out dr. The police car trying task. “said Stephan Winkelmann.” Today is a significant day for two Italian excellence insults and exercise their relationship that began in 2004 on the submission to the European Lamborghini Gallardo State Constabulary. In the age of ten senior, Romance Land Police car used for the purposes of the bar and in a position to improve the protection of the road. “Word Knowledge about Europe Express Guard, Prefect Alessandro Pansa.

    Its predecessor was checking caliber quantity Lamborghini stand. Since 2004, Rome has the power to penetrate the first-generation Gallardo operate daily assistance personnel, Gallardo-up run by the police of Bologna since 2005. Both were replaced in 2008 by the start of the second model of the Gallardo. Comply with the Leadership in maintaining sports car clocked over 140,000 km to 2008, and more than 110,000 miles between 2009 and 2014 during guard duty in the middle of the highway and meridional Italy, as well as the examination section displacing crisis. Divagation of mating time, none of the caretaker sports cars has required corrective discipline.

    In the gain understood to utile checks offered by the presence and reasoning power of Lamborghini on the street, wooden equipment on these vehicles makes them very sharp in action interacting dangerous driving (dominating speed, driving in the emergency lane, structuring suicide); Counting technology enables automatic and pursuing credit position, and real-time images to the flat standard gear. Problem free mundane ...